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High Performance SSD Shared Web Hosting plans with DDoS Protection, Free SSL Certificates & 24x7 Technical Support.

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Lighting Fast
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Free SSL
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4X Resources
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1 GB/S Network

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WordPress Premium Cloud Hosting

More power. More expert support. More Secure.

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High Performance Server

We provide high performance hardware for all our servers including NVMe drives, 128 GB of memory and dual 48 vCPUs.

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Free SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are completely free of charge for your domains – now, and forever, with free automatic renewals.

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Backup Generator

You can create, restore and download backups with Our Premium Hosting includes backups 6 times a day. Ideal for dynamic sites.

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One Click Apps

Install hundreds of applications and scripts with Softaculous and Installatron as standard.

Regular Price $120/yr


Save - Up to 70%


Renew: $30.30 *Every year
  • Hosting features
  • 20 GB NVMe SSD Storage
  • 500 GB Bandwidth/mo
  • 10 Domain/Websites
    (*1 Primary + 9 Addon)
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 250 Entry Process
  • 200 MBPs Disk I/O
  • 4096 IOPS
  • 400 NPROC
  • 10 DB Limits
  • servers cPanel Control Panel
  • servers Free SSL Certificates
  • servers LiteSpeed Web Server
  • servers Backup Free
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Lightning Fast Hosting

Litespeed Enterprise to bring leading-edge performance upto 220% faster your websites.

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Large Resource Limits

Our Premium Hosting plans include 4 cores / 4GB RAM the resources per individual cPanel account than our other plans, ensuring your sites have optimal performance at all times.

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Fully Redundant Cloud

Our premium hosting platform has a financially backed uptime guarantee as a standard to ensure your websites remain online.

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Outstanding Support

Our support team are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get settled in!


Our cPanel premium hosting package become LiteSpeed Web Server with simplifies your entire experience, High performance, incredible hardware, resilient data centers and networks. So go ahead, get the best deals out there on high performance ssd hosting and focused on growing your business.

24/7/365 Live

With the least restrictions and more freedom, you can take your business to new heights.

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Designed to drastically improve site loading speeds for WordPress (and many other) applications / sites.

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High Performance Server

We provide high performance hardware for all our cloud servers including NVMe SSD drives, 128 GB of memory and dual 64 vCPUs.

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LiteSpeed and LS Cache

LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients concurrently and with up to 16 times faster delivery means an all-round more engaging experience for your website visitors and customers.

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Large Resource Limits

Our cPanel web hosting accounts come with up to 2 CPU Cores and 2GB RAM as standard, allowing you to host your sites, blogs or e-commerce.

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Free CDN

Accelerate your website, enable Cloudflare in one-click to use their free CDN and caching features.

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Daily Backup

You can create, restore and download backups by using the Jetbackup tool with your cPanel control panel.

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One Click Apps

Softaculous is the leading Auto Installer for cPanel, with more than 450 scripts. Your favourite hosting app including WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Magento and OpenCart to install in one click.

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Easy to set up

If you need help getting started, we offer requires zero technical experience. Our expert team manage everything for you.

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Meet Experts

Get instant help with our experts, send us a support ticket. We offer practical, personal support, we hate copy-paste responses!!


Need help? We're always here for you.

What is Shared SSD Hosting?

Shared SSD hosting is a type of shared web hosting. But it's unique cloud technology.

Do you providde Backups?

Yes, we’ve got you covered. You can create, restore and download backups by using the Jetbackup tool with your cPanel control panel.

How are websites and emails migrated?

We’ll migrate your websites for free. Once you’ve signed-up, give our Support Team the details of your current web hosting and we’ll get to work, quickly migrating your websites and emails from your previous host.

How to monitor resource usage?

At any time you can see how much server resources your account is consuming. Simply log into cPanel and look at the resource usage stats on the right-hand side. Resource usage is calculated relative to the limits applied to your account only, and not the entire server.
For example, if your account allows 2 CPU Cores and 2048 MB RAM:
- A CPU usage of 50% would mean that your account is currently maxing out 1 CPU Core.
- Memory usage of 50% would mean that your account is using 1024 MB RAM.

Can I get Domain and Hosting Control Panel?

Yes, you can get Domain and Hosting Control Panel. It's your right! We activated your order by sending your information by our automated WHMCS panel.

How do I get started with Shared Hosting?

To turn your new Shared Hosting account into your personal website, simply follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Check our SSD hosting package
2. Select your desire hosting package
3. Click "ORDER NOW"
4. Enter your existig Domain or Buy a new Domain
5. Continue and Submit your Order!

What is your money-back guarantee?

SSD Shared Hosting customers are eligible for our 3-day money-back guarantee. If you installed Premium Addons (Themme & Plugin) for hosting services and Private Email Hosting are non-refundable.

Can I upgrade my web hosting at any time?

Yes, upgrading or downgrading is quick and easy and can be done any time from within our control panel. All your website files can be downloaded for easy migration or backups.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a wide variety of payment methods including Rocket, bKash, Local and International Credit Card etc.